How much is this going to cost us?

Prices vary at every fertility clinic, and there isn't a single 'cheap' method of infertility treatment. During your counseling session, the fertility clinic will be able to inform you as to how much they charge for each procedure and also explain how many treatments most couples need to have a live birth. Most people assume once will do the trick, when

in fact it takes several (or many!) tries to conceive and have a successful pregnancy that ends in the birth of a healthy child.

Each cycle of IVF (hormones, collection and implantation of eggs) can cost between 3500 to 4500 pounds, and the average woman needs three cycles. There is good news, though… the NHS has mandated that any couples that have been trying to conceive for two years with no results will be eligible for at least one free cycle of IVF, though the woman must be between the ages of 23-39.

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